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4 reasons why you should bring your older child to your Bloom Pregnancy Shoot

Documenting the last few weeks of them being your only baby 

Sob. But it's true! They were your first love, and someone else is about to move in. Big changes all round, but also the most exciting time and having a Bloom Shoot with your child is such a fun experience and will leave you with images for you all to look back on and treasure. 


They get to be star of the show (and have their own mini shoot as well!) 

I always make sure we squeeze in a few images of your child on their own and make a big deal of the exciting change about to happen and their new job as Big Brother or Sister. If they are up for it we can also shoot some video to make a little movie for them to have. They usually bring a special talent along like jumping or dancing...and it's so fun to get that documented as part of your session! 


Great time for them to get even more excited about their new role as a big brother or sister 

They get to feel even more important and I love to get them involved in helping me to take some pictures of you. My pregnancy photography studio is also ready and waiting with toys, snacks and an iPad to keep them entertained if being a star gets boring. It happens to us all :)


When their new baby sibling is one day annoying them, you will have pictures like this to show them :) CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE IN THE ROOM?! Ahhhh

Big Sister and her Baby Sister


I would be absolutely delighted if you chose me to be your Pregnancy Photographer and you will find all the information right here

Hope to see you all soon! Carla x