Why you should exist in your children's pictures

This is not a sad story I promise

I am not writing this to be morbid! Not at all. I loved these pictures before I lost my mum in 2015, and they are even more special to me now. In every picture she is smiling, and just so so beautiful!  I love to look at these because I obviously cannot remember being that tiny, and she was a mum just like me. She must have been through the same moments of tearing her hair out, crying from pure frustration or tiredness and it makes me appreciate her even more now I am a mum myself. 

Existing in your Baby Photography Session 

I always ask parents to have at least one photograph with their children. Most people want to, but the one's that aren't as keen I always tell them the same thing. It is sooo important to have these whether they are professionally taken or not. It's a snapshot of that second in both of your lives that one day will be an amazing memory when they head off to uni, or to live abroad and you will look at those pictures of the two of you together and cannot believe they were ever that small. Ot that you were ever able to pick them up without rupturing your spine :) 

Go back and recreate the Family Photos 

A few years ago I headed over to my mums to pick up the kids swimming clothes. She was looking through some old pictures and found this photo of us in the exact room we were standing in. We recreated it, and it's one of my favourites! She was this amazing teeny Scot who barely reached my shoulders. I must have had at least 3 stone on her as well. Probably more like 5 or 6, but whatever....! 

Mum and Daughter

Print Your Photographs 

Today everything is digital. Camera phones and digital files. Actually holding a photo is the absolute best and having them all over your home is even better. That's why I always give a complimentary set of photographs in real-life-hold-me print to all my clients of their digital files because I want you to have them and hold them. There's nothing better. I am the absolute worst at this, and I promised myself when we moved I was going to cover the house and I am going to do it and blog again and show you! Challenge set. 


The best gift you can give your Child 

Love is the obvious answer. And I had loads. And I can look at these and I can see it in her face. What is better than that? 



The Best Pregnancy and Baby Photographer in London

That's what she told me I was. And so of course it's true as mum's are always right! But seriously, she gave me love, confidence and supported me unconditionally. And I have all these photograph's to remind me. Thank you Susie B, warrior of mine! I will finish with a picture of the day she dropped everything for 3 days to help me decorate my very first studio. There is not a single professional picture in this post, and that's the point. 

Big Love, Carla xx