Custard Nursery Photography 

I offer a limited number of nursery photography dates each year and it's always such a great experience! Depending on the number of children at your nursery this is done over 1 or 2 days. I need a small space to set up the backdrop and lights and I take care of the rest. I usually offer parents 5-10 images of their children and siblings are welcome to join as well. Afterwards I email parents with the link to their children's password protected galleries and they can order online. Packages start from £15 so they are affordable for all parents. 

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online forms and ordering

I take care of all the admin so you are free to get on with your jobs! Parents sign up for their children to be photographed via the website, and all galleries and orders are handled online. I will pop back to the nursery with the orders, so you don't have to do much at all! 


images for your website and marketing

While I am at your nursery I can take pictures of the building, children at play and any other images you may want. These can be used for marketing purposes, social media and for your website. I normally also photograph all the staff and provide prints of these for your wall displays.  

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commission for you 


I offer nurseries a 10% commission on any sales. This could be used for new equipment, or maybe your Christmas Party!