The Newborn sessions are for babies up to 14 days old and are held at my studio in Bromley. The session generally last 2-4 hours (although this is never timed...the session allows for the necessary naps, changes, cuddles and of course coffee & biscuits!)

We will spend some time getting a range of images for you to choose from, and we can include you or other children in the session as well. The sessions are so fun and I love getting to know these newly formed families!

It is quite likely your baby will poo all over me but please don't be worried I am fully prepared for every eventuality and if I am taking off the nappy for these pictures I am basically asking for it!

I will send you over the session guide beforehand so you can have a read up on what to expect. My main objective is for you to relax and enjoy the session and for us to create some beautiful images of your new baby to treasure forever. And maybe a couple of outtakes to embarrass them with on their 18th birthday too! 

The Newborn Beginnings packages start from £225. There are also a range of gorgeous products to choose from after your session...please get in touch and I will send over all the details.


During your session I always shoot some video so I can make you your very own Custard Movie! I am not the greatest videographer in the world, but I just LOVE capturing these little moments. These come with every session and at no charge :)